Creating innovative technology to help people work better

IoT, blockchain, and AI are catalysts for digital transformation. Together, they create a perfect storm that can change how people work, redefine the way businesses operate, and transform industries.

Our team innovates at the intersection of IoT, blockchain and AI, augmenting human productivity and creativity and helping professionals produce their best in healthcare, supply chains, and asset management. We leverage technology responsibly with the goal of maximizing the opportunities for workers and businesses - helping people work better.


Asaf Adi, Senior Manager, IoT, Blockchain and AI, IBM Research - Haifa

Our research focuses on the following:

People-Centric IoT

People-Centric IoT

Creating wearable-enabled solutions for the enterprise

Cognitive IoT

Blockchain and AI

Bringing the power of artificial intelligence to blockchain

IoT Productivity Solutions

IoT Productivity Solutions

Reinventing the way industries operate