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The IBM Research Cloud Innovation Lab (CIL) brings together the expertise, skills and technologies of IBM Research to help clients and ecosystem partners advance state-of-the-art cloud technologies. Lab members will have the opportunity to interact with IBM researchers, gain access to demonstrations as well as experiment with the most recent innovations on the OpenShift hybrid cloud platform.

IBM Research’s latest contributions to IBM’s Cloud for Financial Services are a prime example of how our organization helps deliver innovations from our labs directly to IBM customers. In this instance, we are working alongside members of IBM’s public cloud team to improve the industry-first platform that will enable financial services institutions to leverage OpenShift’s security and flexibility to address their regulatory and security requirements on an ongoing basis.

Our researchers also played a pivotal part in creating IBM Cloud Functions, IBM Kubernetes Service, Multicloud Manager and Key Protect, as well as the development and adoption of Istio as an enterprise service mesh. Our teams were also core contributors to the IBM Cloud Gen 2 control plane and SDN.

Each of these achievements builds upon the last to ensure IBM Cloud users have access to the latest breakthroughs in cloud technology.

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  • Innovation Environment

    Experimentation and demonstration of cutting-edge cloud technologies.

  • Research

    Centralized access to relevant domain expertise across research innovations.

  • Member Collaborations

    Collaboration with members
 to help further innovation agendas.

  • Active Research Visibility

    Access to the breadth of research innovations in areas such as Security, Automation, Orchestration, Customer Interactions and more.


Mukesh Khare
Vice President: Hybrid Cloud
hillery hunter.jpg
Hillery Hunter
GM, Cloud Industry Platforms & Solutions; CTO IBM Cloud; IBM Fellow
Sriram Raghavan
Vice President, IBM Research AI
Giovanni Pacifici
VP, Cloud
Alessandro Curioni
IBM Fellow, Vice President Europe and Africa and Director IBM Research Zurich
Jason Silbergleit
Vice President, Research Business Development & Quantum Sales
Priya Nagpurkar
Director, Hybrid Cloud Platform, IBM Research
Daniel Klyashtorny
Research Business Development

Contact us for additional information on how to join the Cloud Innovation Lab.

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