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Long Term Digital Preservation (LTDP)

[Past Activity]
Storage Research


Today's society is facing the Digital Dark Age: as the world becomes digital, the world's data is increasing danger of being lost. Although our ability to store digital bits is increasing, our ability to store the data over time decreases.

Long Term Digital Preservation (LTDP) attempts to address these challenges. Long Term Digital Preservation (LTDP) is a means of keeping digital information so that the same information can be used at some point in the future in spite of obsolescence of everything involved: hardware, software, processes, format, people, etc. LTDP is particularly challenging when preserving large amounts of heterogeneous data for very long periods of time of tens or even hundreds of years.

IBM Research - Haifa past activities in the area of Long Term Digital Preservation:

  • ENSURE - an EU FP7 project led by IBM Research - Haifa researching ways for long-term preservation of digital data for enterprises, where the cost associated with preserving data will be a factor in driving the preservation solution.
  • APARSEN - an EU FP7 Network of Excellence on long-term accessibility and usability of digital information and data.
  • Preservation DataStores - an OAIS-based storage supporting new functionalities and extensions specific for preservation utilizing the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) ISO standard. It materializes the logical concept of the OAIS archival information package into physical storage objects, and off-loads OAIS derived preservation actions such as data transformations, fixity checks, and immutability to the storage layer. PDS Cloud is a virtualization layer that maps OAIS objects on cloud infrastructures.
  • Papers and publications - the Haifa team published a number of papers on the need and design of Preservation-Aware Storage, a storage layer with built-in support for long-term digital preservation based on OAIS.
  • CASPAR - Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval is a digital preservation effort funded by EU FP6.
  • LTDPA - a tool that assesses the maturity level of an LTDP trusted repository.