AI research areas

Explore the key areas of research we are exploring to advance AI and cognitive computing.

AI Hardware

Advancing new hardware for cognitive systems with a focus on neuromorphic computing, phase change memory GPU acceleration, novel hardware architectures and more.

Knowledge extraction

Capturing knowledge extracted from varied data sources such as text, speech, image and video, and representing it in common, easy-to-query forms.

Natural language text understanding

Allowing cognitive systems to identify and interact with textual data, including text features, classification, semantic similarity, semantic parsing and natural language generation.

Visual comprehension

Giving cognitive computers the expertise to understand images, video and other multimedia using parsers, feature identifiers, classifiers, and new methods.

Speech and audio

Enabling efficient and meaningful communication between humans and machines through speech analysis and speech generation.

Conversational Systems

Allowing cognitive systems to take into account any necessary background, intent, context, and techniques to remove ambiguity and user preferences when interacting with a person.

Deep Learning as a Service

Developing fundamental capabilities in natural language understanding, visual comprehension, deep domain understanding and learning to reason.

Embodied Cognition

Creating artificial agents such as avatars, objects, robots and spaces that engage with humans and act as partners that enhance our ability to perform cognitive tasks.

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