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computer vision publications

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computer vision publications

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Recent publications

Dialog-based Interactive Image Retrieval

H. Wu, X. Guo, Y. Cheng, S. J. Rennie, G. Tesauro and R. S. Feris

The Excitement of Sports: Automatic Highlights Using Audio/Visual Cues

M. Merler, D. Joshi, K.-N. C. Mac, Q.-B. Nguyen, J. Kent, S. Hammer, J. Xiong, M. N. Do, J. R. Smith and R. S. Feris

NISP: Pruning Networks using Neuron Importance Score Propagation

R. Yu, A. Li, C.-F. Chen, J.-H. Lai, V. Morariu, X. Han, M. Gao, C.-Y. Lin and L. Davis

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